Over the last 8 years I have worked with hundreds of people looking to achieve specific fitness results such as, lose weight, put on muscle, improve sports performance and look amazing for their wedding.

In the process of getting these clients awesome results I discovered 5 mistakes almost everyone makes at some point that completely destroys progress and results.

I am going to share these mistakes below so that they will never slow down your progress again!

  • Mistake 1 – Workout More For Faster Results.

  • Mistake 2 – Chasing The Magic Quick Fix Supplements.

  • Mistake 3 – Starving the body most the day will burn tons of body fat.

  • Mistake 4 – Workout routines in magazines are the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Mistake 5 – Having a support group is for beginners.

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Mistake 1 – Workout More For Faster Results.


I see this all of the time. People truly believe that more time spent working out will yield the greatest results. I am telling you right now that this is completely bogus. Yes, to get maximal results you need to workout 6 days per week, but not for hours and hours each day.


For most people 45 minutes each day is optimal if the workouts are completed correctly and anything longer could stall progress.


Below is the checklist we use at Flex Fitness when designing workout routines and I highly suggest that you follow it:


✓ Can each workout be completed in 45-60 minutes? If not, you are most likely not working out with enough intensity.


✓ Does the workout intensity match the individual and fitness goal? The more advanced you are the more intensity your body can handle without over training.


✓Is the workout routine designed for 3-6 days per week? Less than 3 days per week will yield fewer results, 5-6 times per week is optimal.


✓ Is the plan completely laid out for the next 12 weeks? Having a plan up front is vital for long term success.


✓ Are the movement patterns distributed evenly to prevent imbalances? Make sure to work each muscle group evenly and the corresponding movement patterns.


These are the main details you must take into consideration when developing your workout plan for optimal results. It has taken us almost a decade of testing to create the formula we use that gets all of your clients such outstanding results.


The final takeaways are to make your workouts short and sweet!


Keep the intensity up and the rest periods short!


Work the entire body evenly!


Have a plan before you step in the gym!


Now go out there and Plan, Implement and GET RESULTS :)


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