It’s time for part 3 of The 5 Fitness Mistakes That Will Destroy Your RESULTS! Last time in Part 2 we covered how there is no magic quick fix supplements, but rather smart planning and training that produces REAL RESULTS. Click Here to check out Part 2.

Today we are going to dive into the world of nutrition, or for the fast majority of you out there, the lack there of!

  • Mistake 1 – Workout More For Faster Results.

  • Mistake 2 – Chasing The Magic Quick Fix Supplements.

  • Mistake 3 – Starving the body most the day will burn tons of body fat.

  • Mistake 4 – Workout routines in magazines are the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Mistake 5 – Having a support group is for beginners.

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Mistake 3 – Starving The Body Most Of The Day Will Burn Tons Of Body Fat


I see this more often than not. People get excited to start a new workout plan and know that they have to change their food up as well to lose fat. So the common school of thought is, eat less and burn more. Yes, there can be a right way to do this, but I will go into that later in this post. Let me explain the WRONG way that most people fall into.


I will use my client Jim as an example and so you know, Jim is not his real name so we can protect his privacy :)


Jim came to me after about a month of working out and dieting on his own. He was feeling run down, tired and after a few weeks of the scale dropping slightly his “RESULTS” have stopped. Jim was actually sabotaging his results!


Let me explain. I asked Jim what a normal day of eating was like for him and here was his response, “I wake up in the morning and I am not hungry at all so I have some coffee, then around 1-2 in the afternoon I have a small salad or I just skip lunch if I’m busy. For dinner I have another salad or some fish and greens.”


I then ask Jim how long he lasts on eating like this and here is his answer, “Ryan, to be honest, I break! I feel horrible and then I eat everything I can get my hands on.”


Jim goes through this cycle every 3-4 days or so until he gives up on changing his eating all together, usually at the 4 week mark. Jim has tried this multiple times in his life and always gets the same outcome. He feels worse and gains everything back he lost and sometimes more.


Sound familiar at all? Jim’s case might be a little extreme, but almost every one of my clients has experienced something similar to this.


There is a better Way!


Here is a simple checklist we use at FLEX to accelerate RESULTS:


✓ Eat High Quality Protein within 2-3 hours of waking - Providing your body with protein in the morning prevents muscle breakdown after fasting while you sleep. 


✓ Try and Eat Every 3-5 Hours – Consistent eating lets the body know that you are not starving and allows for more fat to be released and burned.


✓ Get Your Carbs From Beans - Beans are low glycemic and cause a lower insulin response. You get more carbs and feel full, but are less likely to store fat.


✓ Eat Your Greens - Load up the greens at each meal to feel full longer and to stay regular.


✓ Eat Less Only After Eating More - Reducing your calories may be required, but only after you have built up your metabolism for 4-12 weeks by following the checklist above and eating more (especially protein).


Pretty simple right!


The whole goal is to increase your muscle mass to burn more body fat. The above checklist ensures you are losing fat and not muscle as Jim was experiencing and you will finally experience LONG TERM LASTING RESULTS!


That was your crash course on nutrition for results.


Eat Your Protein!


Eat Your Beans!


Eat Your Greens!


And Eat Throughout The Day!


Eat Until Satisfied!


Keep it simple and GET RESULTS :)


P.S. It took Jim 9 months, but he finally hit his weight loss goal of 100lbs lost. Chances are you don’t have this much to lose, so stick with it and eat smart :)


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