I know how scary it can be to start working out especially if it is your first time or first time back in a long time because I was in your shoes. Below is my transformation after letting myself go when my wife was pregnant with our first son.

Ryan before and After with arrow

I found out quickly that it is a daunting task to change your lifestyle, especially if you don’t have a plan of attack or no idea of where to begin. The reason that most people fail to hit their goals is because they don’t have a action based plan right from the start.

Here is The Fitness Success Checklist that helped me and all of my clients get RESULTS:

  • Write Out Your #1 Most Important Goal
  • Have A 12 Week Periodized Workout Routine
  • Define Specific Nutrition Guidelines For Your Goal
  • Take Before Measurements And Before Picture
  • Fill Out A Weekly Goal Tracking Sheet
  • Have A Support System To Hold You Accountable

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Ok, so now you have the plan, but that is the easy part. Now it is time to actually follow through and make the decision to take action! This is where most people struggle and where hiring a professional can make a world of difference.   If you have searched for a personal trainer in Chandler, AZ you already know that there is one if not two trainers on every single corner. There might be more options for personal trainers than options for your car… ok I am done trying to be clever :)
With all these options it can be extremely hard to find the best trainer in the area, so make sure you do your research before forking over your hard earned money to someone that may or may not be a good fit for you and your goals.

How To Hire a Personal Trainer Checklist:

  • What Do Their Clients Have To Say? Check Their Reviews
  • Do They Offer A Trial Or Introductory Program? You Have To Know It’s Going To Be A Good Fit
  • Do You Feel Comfortable Talking With Them? Communication Is A Must For Long Term Success
  • Are They The Cheapest? If So, They Don’t Believe In Their Ability To Help You

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Just remember that reaching your goals and achieving long term health and fitness success is a life long process. Be very weary of magic quick fix solutions and things that seem too good to be true, because they always are.   Stay true to the course and you too will get amazing results that you can be proud of!

Below are just a few of our success stories that will help you get fired up to take the next step and Get Your RESULTS

Jess before and After with arrowJoe Before and After with arrow

Shelley Before and After with arrow

Octavio before and after with arrow carly before and after with arrow

Chris at 6 weeks Rebecca Before and After with arrow Before and After with arrow Template Elizabeth Before and After with arrow and branding

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