octavio-ba“Ryan helped me to compete in my first physique competition in the spring of 2012 and is helping me prepare again for next year. I recommend Flex Fitness to anyone who wants to get in shape, lost weight, again conference and build muscle and endurance. It will be the hardest but best and most fun workout program of your life.” – Octavio B.


jenn-ba“Seriously! I have increased my confidence, and look so much sexier in my clothes now because of this gym! Anyone who knows me I am super awkward around new people but not anymore! I seriously have so much fun working out here, I have a second family. They support me in more than my weight and health goals. From the personal motivational phone calls and text messages I receive always at the perfect time. ” – Jenn H.


joe-ba“I don’t come from what you call a fit family. I have always had an issue with weight and got to the point where I just didn’t care how I looked or felt. That is, until I met Ryan. He convinced me to start working out and then how to eat health. Working with Ryan has changed my life. Trust me, if I made these changes to my lifestyle, you can too.” – Joe D.


shelley-ba“Ryan at Flex Fitness has been the best motivation in my journey to lose weight. Ryan is committed to help you make your goals a reality. He has pushed me to achieve personal goals that I never thought were possible. I would strongly recommend Flex Fitness to anyone striving to change their life.” – Shelley M.