Welcome to the Flex Fitness Family!


Today is the start of a new you! Finally, you’re doing something for YOU! Trust me, everyone else around you benefits in some way by you getting in shape!


We appreciate you joining the Flex Fitness Family and want you to take full advantage of what we have to offer. We take getting you in shape very seriously and will do whatever we can to help you reach your goals. (Your Complete Nutrition Formula download will be at the bottom of this email.)


I want you to dial in these next 30 days and have unwavering focus towards your GOAL. You will blink an eye and you’ll wonder where the time went. So STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT YOU WANT, not on what you don’t want. (This is the most important step to being successful.)


The first step is to answer the questions below and e-mail them back to me. Make sure to take your time and do this right, YOUR Success depends upon these questions. As much as you want to rush through this to get to your goal faster, DON’T, take your time and do it right.


Make sure that you really dig deep and choose a goal that is meaningful to you and the accomplishment of this goal will bring great satisfaction to you! This is the most important step in determining how successful you will be. You got this!


Here is a great video that will get your mind in the right place to set your goals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsSC2vx7zFQ


1. What is your #1 most important fitness goal at this time?

2. Why is this goal so important to you?

3. If you reach your goal what will change in your life?

4. Why have you not reached your goal in the past?

5. What do you plan on doing different to reach your goal this time?


Once you have completed these questions make sure to email your answers to me at ryan@flexfitnessforyou.com


I will be sending you multiple emails throughout this process that will ensure your success. So make sure to keep an eye out for these emails and take the time to put the information into practice!


To your success,

Ryan and Jessica Ehler
Body Transformation Experts
Flex Fitness


P.S. Click the download link here for your Complete Nutrition Formula